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May 5, 2019

The lake is pretty much ice free!!!!! Some of the docks have been put in at 6 mile, Lakewood, East Bay, Casino, Woodland, Grahams Island. People have been fishing the channels with some success and some boats are in channel A and at the 6 Mile bridge. The fish are spawning yet and I hope by the 15th of the month they will be done and I can start checking the lake for new hazards!! The lake came up a little this spring but the lake has dropped 2-3 feet from last fall so some of the areas may not be accessible anymore. The smaller lakes, Dry, Mikes, Irvine, Chain did have winter kill and really low water levels have made accessing them very difficult or impossible. As far as a prediction of the year ahead, I feel the fishing will be good with a lot of smaller fish in the system from the last 2 year hatches makes this a strong fishery. We will have to sort thru them but, thats not a bad thing. This past winter did not hurt the Walleye population a lot because of the amount of snow and very limited access kept a lot of anglers from fishing Devils Lake this year. I am very excited to drop the boat in the water again year. My calendar is filling fast for June and July but, I do have a few openings. Now is the time to give me a call for your summer trip on Devils Lake. ALSO, I have added guided trips to Lake Sakakawea where the fishing has been incredible the past couple years. Call me for the details of a trip out there as well!! I will update you all once I get on the water. Till next time... Keep the Lines Tight!!!

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Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth Adams
May 14, 2019

When is your first trip of open water John?

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