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March 6, 2019

Winter is flying by! I have been working on the website and promising a new look, logo's and prompter reports.

As far as the fishing this season.. It's been day by day with fishing being very inconsistent in depths of 18-50 fow for those Devils Lake Jumbos!! Lots of 5-8" Perch to weed thru to catch 9-12" fish. Average catch for 2 ppl in a portable is 10-15 per day to take home!! Walleye fishing is decent with sizes ranging from 14-17" fish. Depths of 5-14 fow has been best.

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May 5, 2019

The lake is pretty much ice free!!!!! Some of the docks have been put in at 6 mile, Lakewood, East Bay, Casino, Woodland, Grahams Island. People have been fishing the channels with some success and so

April 13,2019

Things are starting to change with the warmer temps, and some wind. Shorelines are slowly deteriorating and some water is moving in the small creeks and channels. I don't suggest being out fishing on


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